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Court-Admissible Testing in Southern Maryland

Make Sure Your Test Results are Admissible in Court

When you have decided that you need DNA testing, and depending on why you feel you need the testing, you may be tempted to use a mail order DNA test kit instead of having it done in a lab setting. Although informal testing and do-it-yourself DNA test kits may seem appealing, if you don’t follow an exacting and precise protocol in every step of the process, the results may not be worth more than mere trivial information.

Depending on your reasons for seeking the test in the first place, informal results may seem “good enough,” at the outset. But often the farther reaching implications of test results are not fully comprehended at the outset. When you choose ARCpoint Labs of Southern Maryland to perform needed testing, our professionally trained and certified personnel ensure that all proper protocols are followed. If your test results need to be used in court or other similar setting later, you can rest assured you will be able to use them to meet your burden of proof.

What is Court Admissible DNA Testing?

Courts and other institutions will not consider or admit DNA test results into evidence unless it can be shown to a high degree of reliability that every aspect of the testing process was properly administered and managed. From sample collection, how it is labeled, how it is transported to the lab for analysis, how the sample is handled and by whom, and how every process and step is documented along the way — all these concerns must be considered and addressed before a court will permit test results to be considered as part of the information used to resolve the case. For DNA test results to be admissible in court, they must be administered following precisely documented chain of custody collection procedures. This ensures that all DNA specimens collected are thoroughly documented and well-handled, preventing slip-ups that could jeopardize your ability to use the results in judicial proceedings.

Situations Calling for Court Admissible DNA Evidence

        • Paternity
        • Custody
        • Child Support
        • Life Insurance Claims and Defense
        • Inheritance & Estate Matters
        • Immigration
        • Adoption
        • Birth certificates

What is Non-Court Admissible DNA Testing?

Because they are conducted without chain of custody documentation, non-court admissible DNA testing results are not able to be used in court. If a DNA test is requested for personal use only, strict adherence to legal processes are not required. Identity documentation is not required, nor is completing legal papers and taking other steps that are required with court admissible DNA testing.

Why Opt for Court Admissible DNA Testing?

We encourage all clients to choose court admissible DNA testing regardless of circumstances. There are many reasons why using court admissible DNA testing is preferable:

      • You don’t know what your DNA test results will reveal. Even if you pursue DNA testing for purely informational purposes, you might find something out that requires legal action — in which case you will have to start all over again with court admissible DNA testing.
      • Court admissible DNA testing at ARCpoint Labs of Southern Maryland is conducted by DNA testing experts who ensure that all specimens are properly handled and all test results are accurate.

Child Support Paternity Testing

Don’t waste time and money on an informal test result you can’t use in your child support case . . .

Inheritance & Estate DNA Testing

Reliable, court-admissible DNA testing can make the difference between inheriting and losing out . . .

Court Ordered Drug & Alcohol Testing

Custody DNA Testing

DNA test results in Custody cases must be reliable and admissible or they won’t help your case . . .

Why Choose a Legal DNA Test?

The science of DNA testing proves biological relationships, but courts require proof the test was done according to a specific process to show it was reliable . . .

“Chain of Custody” DNA collection requires:

    • Photo IDs of participants aged 18 and older
    • Photos of everyone involved
    • Consent from adults & legal guardians for minors
    • Specimen collection (buccal swab/cheek swab)
    • Legal labeling and packaging
    • Specimens ship to testing laboratory directly through approved route
    • Proper shipping, storage and results communication to and from the lab
    • Paperwork and documents with DNA test results properly filled out
    • DNA specimen processed by American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) certified laboratory

All judicial courts require chain of custody to determine the validity of the court admissible DNA testing results. Court admissible DNA testing ensures:

    • The individual in question’s DNA is tested and accurately reported. The specimen was not substituted or manipulated.
    • The DNA sample integrity is maintained and valid results are obtained.

Court admissible DNA testing is a strict legal process. The DNA testing services at ARCpoint Labs of Southern Maryland follow all legal guidelines, and the results are valid in court. To learn more about our court admissible DNA testing, contact ARCpoint Labs of Southern Maryland today.

When you need court admissible DNA testing, simply contact ARCpoint Labs of Southern Maryland.

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