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Random Drug Testing in Southern Maryland

Random Testing

Many employers randomly drug test their workforce. Based on state and local laws in place in your jurisdiction and the needs of your business, you may decide that a random drug testing policy is a good fit. The important thing to keep in mind is that a random testing procedure, when implemented must be just that — random.

If you have concern about one or more specific employees and are considering testing them for drugs or alcohol, that situation falls under Reasonable Suspicion Testing. It is important to understand the distinction between these two procedures and to choose, write and implement your policies carefully to stay in compliance with state and local laws.

Random testing must be implemented in a way that actually qualifies as random. Many employers opt for a computerized system to insure unbiased and truly random selection of names. Before you proceed with random drug testing, make sure to consult with an attorney or other appropriate consultant who can advise you on best practices for your locale and business model.

Once your policy is in place, ARCpoint Labs of Southern Maryland can help you implement it in the most appropriate and convenient way. You may send your randomly-chosen subjects to our local office, or we can bring our mobile lab to your place of business.

Employee Drug Testing in Our Lab

Make an appointment or just send chosen subjects to our local facility. We’ll collect and process their specimen. Depending on the test, you may have results within minutes or it may need further analysis which could take one to three days.

On-Site & Mobile Drug Testing

We can come set up shop in your office for the day and set up drug and alcohol screenings in a designated room in your business. We will conduct our business without interrupting your daily productivity.

The advantages of onsite testing include reduction of liability in sending employees out from the workplace, reduced time spent off the job, and convenience for the employer and employees. We can conduct blood draws, alcohol and drug testing. Please contact an ARCpoint Labs of Southern Maryland to discuss the benefits of onsite testing.

Our mobile services bring ARCpoint Labs of Southern Maryland to you. If you’re unable to come into our lab during normal hours or can’t get to us, we can bring any of our services to you. Our mobile testing includes drug testing, alcohol testing, DNA collection and blood draws. Our mobile services are available for a minimal charge.

Let ARCpoint Labs of Southern Maryland Help Implement Your Random Testing Policy.

Call us today for more information.